To be recalled as the “World's Most Recognized Döner Kebab Brand” with unique sauced flavors appealing to different cultures, innovative products, standardized service and quality approach.


To offer healthy and delicious products in decent venues at affordable prices, to support our business partners for the development of their business and for increasing their profitability by maintaining an effective communication.

  • To offer products in compliance with food and hygiene standards.
  • To make sure our unique sauced Döner Kebab is a delicate taste appealing to consumers of all age groups.
  • To develop new products by R&D projects.
  • To build a system that provides mutual trust to both our customers and our investors.
  • To expand our franchise network with the right cost policy and profitable investment target.
  • To offer opportunities to our investors with the new generation franchise concept.

We provide our supplies from our business partners who have duly acquired TSE Halal Certificate - ISO 22000:2018 - ISO 10002:2014 - OHSAS 180001:2017 - 22000:2018 certificates.